Merworld News: Character Confessions with Tucker Denet


Hi Readers, Tucker Denet here. Leading male character in the young adult fantasy novel, Ice Floe… Actually, the only male character with a major role in Ice Floe. Also the only human. Now that I think about it, I should probably feel lonely and disgruntled about my outlier status. But it’s hard to complain when you’re written into a book full of mythical water goddesses.

What I can complain about is the author, Melissa.

For the longest time Melissa could not make up her mind about me. Would you believe that in the very first iterations of the book I was a total tool? A jester of sorts used by the main character, Glacia, solely as a guide to the human world. Thankfully, Melissa got over that train-wreck fast. Trouble is, she overcorrected. Suddenly I was the leading heartthrob in a Hallmark holiday movie. Substitute killer-mermaids and ice pillars for friendly town folk and tree farms.

We finally landed in an ok place. Several hundred revisions later – and ideas negotiated by me that I’m sure Melissa will get all the credit for – my character developed into the guy I am today. Great at sports like rock climbing, Capoeira, and dancing. Still leading male material and handsome, if I do say so myself, but minus the savior-of-the-world complex. I tend toward being more serious in my approach to life yet know how to laugh and have a good time. I’ve been told my best qualities are my love of nature and animals, kindness, and confidence…Glacia calls it arrogance, but look who’s talking.

Melissa and I are on better terms now. I think she likes me more than I like her. That happens a lot. Side effect of being heartthrob-y. Think I’ll stick around for another novel if she wants me. I’m asking for a hefty salary this time, though. My name shows up in Ice Floe 634 times and you know how much I got paid? Nothing. Nada. Not one penny. I was ok with it for this first novel because I was trying to break into show business. Now that all the fans love me? Melissa better shell out some coin! You can tell her I said that. I’m seeing her later this afternoon anyway. And tomorrow. And probably all day Saturday and Sunday like we have every weekend for the last two years. Like I said…she’s into me.