Merworld News: Ice Floe Officially Live!

Book Launch

Over a decade ago, I had an idea for a story. I immediately sat down and wrote the first chapter of Mermaid novel, title - TBD. Then life happened and I stalled. I would occasionally sit down to write, but something "more important" always came up.

In hindsight, part of the reason I stalled was I felt silly writing fiction. My corporate career and business school focus seemed at odds with my imaginary Merworld. I couldn't justify spending time on what I perceived to be a whimsical hobby, so I shelved my novel in favor of more practical endeavors.

Years later, I finally prioritized writing and unleashed the creative beast. Each day, I get off the treadmill of life and dive into my novel until I emerge happier and more energized. As a result, I'm able to show up more fully in other aspects of my life.

All this to say, if you're a fellow creative who's hiding or stalling, don't wait. Do the thing that makes you shine and share your ideas with the world. Not only will the creative outlet benefit you, I'm betting you'll put a smile on someone else's face in the process.