Merworld News: 5 Signs You Might Be a Mermaid

Mermaid Silhouette

Folklore and legends abound about the magical creatures we’ve come to know as mermaids. Until I started writing my novel, Ice Floe, I believed the standard rhetoric. There is truth behind the stories. Yes, many mermaids like singing. Yes, some mermaids lure humans to their death. At the same time, mermaids have been in hiding for so long we’ve lost track of many characteristics that are beginning to resurface. If you find yourself fascinated by these mysterious water goddesses, you’re not alone. And if you’ve ever suspected you may be more amphibian than human, dive into this list to see where you land.

5 Signs You Might Be A Mermaid

  1. Eating animal products makes you nauseous. True mermaids are vegan. They won’t eat meat, dairy, fish, or seafood. To be clear, Wilds – mermaids’ more aquatic counterparts – do eat fish and seafood. So, if you’re all in for sushi night, you may still be a mercreature…just not a mermaid.
  2. You select accommodations based on tubs. Mermaids dehydrate when they spend too much time on land. Warning symptoms include irritability, thirst, overheating, and dry skin, to name a few. You may be a mermaid if you combat tension and discomfort by frequent dips in the water. Swimming pools, whirlpools, spas, and bathtubs are critical to your sanity and provide much needed relaxation. This is especially true when you’re enjoying a vacation. You wouldn’t dream of booking a hotel or Airbnb without a luxurious watery escape.
  3. Lifeguarding is your favorite job of all time. There are many accounts of mermaids saving humans from a watery grave. If you’re drawn to water rescue roles like lifeguarding and Coast Guard, you may have mermaid ancestry in your genes. The same is true if you’ve gravitated toward scuba diving, surfing, or other water sports that require strong swimming skills.
  4. You’re drawn to the creative. Performing arts, literature, painting, and sculpture create a beautiful world and make life worth living. Mermaids expand the definition of creative to include architecture, UX design, entrepreneurship, invention, and any other pursuit where you start with a blank slate and bring something new into the world. Bored with the status quo and always looking for new ways to create? This alone isn’t enough to grant mercreature status…but it may tip you over the edge if other traits also apply.
  5. Sisters before misters. The Ice Floe Merworld is a matriarchal society that celebrates women. Admittedly, the government’s anti-male polices are extreme, horrible, and in dire need of reform. That doesn’t diminish the reality that mermaids are powerful, talented, and caring females who lift each other up with a strong focus on community. If your girlfriends tend to be a top priority in your life, you may be more fin than feet.

Of course, the list of mermaid traits could go on and on. And we’re constantly learning more about these otherworldly beings. Check out my book, Ice Floe, for a mermaid adventure. Who knows, you may discover your place in the Merworld along the way.

Until next time. You flipping rock!